Bliss Yoga House

Welcome to Bliss Yoga House,

an intimate online studio and membership for women in midlife and beyond. Here you can come to slow down, move, breathe, rest, soften, find inspiration and support.

At Bliss Yoga House I offer gentle yoga, meditation, calmness, feminine and restorative movements, chakra work and deep rest. Here we explore the beauty of slowness, listening and taking care of our inner landscape and body.

The practices offered here are designed to support and guide you to create a feminine, gentle and heartfelt yoga practice for spiritual growth, emotional balance and healing.

Spiral back to self care, self exploration and self love and connect deeply to your body wisdom.

Offerings at BHY

A library of yoga sessions where new practices are uploaded every month.

Yoga Sessions are organized in themes

  • Restorative Rhythms
  • Body Temple
  • Cycle & Seasonal Support
  • The Symphony of You (chakra sessions)
  • Tending
  • Poetry & Presence
  • Dawn; Morning Practices
  • Dusk; Evening Practices
  • The Monthly Bliss Practice, a session that bring gentle support and reflects the qualities of that particular month

~In the Living Room~

An intimate live yoga class that is held once a week. We "meet in my living room" to explore gentle asanas and movements, deep breathing, rest and relaxation. We connect in a safe space.

All of the offerings at BYH are here for you to engage with in a way that works for you. BYH is a place for you to soften into yourself and life, and finally learn to appreciate your changing body.



Bliss Yoga House is a monthly membership portal that you can cancel at any time.

Bliss Yoga House is that gentle voice reminding you that it is ok to slow down and rejuvenate your body and spirit. It is safe to soften, move your body like no one is watching and rest.

Who is BYH for?

BYH is intended for you who reached midlife and beyond and wants to reconnect to yourself and your body wisdom in a gentle way. If you (like me) feel that the world is sometimes too loud and too fast, and need a space to soften. It's for you who crave slowness, simple pleasures and beauty. You are tired of seeing all the yoga and exercise regimen about looking young and stop aging, and you just want to be you and in harmony with yourself and life.

Hi there! I'm Helén and I'm the creator of Bliss Yoga House.

I believe that beauty heals. Movement, breathing, body connection, relaxation and rest also heals. So does slowness and simple pleasures.

I'm a mother, wife, yogini, coffee lover, sacred space holder, yoga and movement teacher.

I've been a yoga and movement teacher for over 20 years. I've dedicated my life to movement, breathing and helping people develop body awareness and living with more rest and ease.

My deep desire to hold space for women led me to start offering yoga to a small group of women in my living room in Chestertown MD in 2009, where we gathered to breathe, move, rest and connect. Since then I've been teaching yoga to women both in-person and on-line.

Bliss Yoga House is rooted in simplicity, the art of slowing down, be true to yourself and living a beautiful life.

Questions you might have;

Bliss Yoga House

~Do I need any prior yoga practice before signing up for BYH? No prior yoga practice is needed.

~How does the live classes work? As of now I will be offering the live class once a week on Facebook. The group on FB will be private, it is only for the BYH members. You will need a FB account to join the group and live class.

~What do I need for a class? A yoga mat a yoga block and a few blankets. A yoga bolster (you can use pillows). A yoga strap or use a scarf or towel. Eye pillow or use a scarf or t-shirt.


~Do you offer refunds? Subscriptions are non-refundable. You may cancel your subscription at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will have access to the videos and content until the period you have paid for expires.

~How do I access the videos and content once I become a member? You can access your membership through your Gumroad Library if you have an account. You may also access your membership through "view content" button in your emailed receipt. Either of these methods will take you to the membership content.

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Bliss Yoga House